July 5, 2006

Stormy Weather

The Morning After the Deluge, Wm. Turner
Hair is a medium that hold fragrance even more than the skin, but also seems to be more fragile and sensitively reactive to the weather.

It's been a month of crazy hot humidity,  punctuated almost every day with a heavy thunderstorm. As they say, you can't fight Mother Nature -- especially in her fiercer aspects.

Hair seems to act like a barometer - the more humidity the more uncontrollable.

Frequent deep conditioning treatments with natural oils nourish and smooth the hair, soothing the surface and imparting a bit of weight to help with fly aways.

My favorite oil for this is jojoba -- warmed in a bowl and applied to the ends up to within one inch of the scalp. Oil on the scalp can be too heavy and block the follicles and pores of the scalp.

After a half to one hour shampoo out, and then add one drop each of patchouli and rose geranium or rosemary and lavender to the amount of conditioner you use each time to leave the hair shiny and smelling both earthy and fresh. In the evening you can brush out the fragrance.

The hair that responds most adversely to humidity is that which is most damaged and porous, so smoothing the hair with more frequent and deeper conditioning will protect it from the elements and from absorbing the moisture from the humid air.

Humidity is beneficial to skin, hence the famous complexions of the British, where it rains so much. Partly because the overcast sky protects from the sun and partly because the moist air keeps the skin cells moist and refreshed.

This is the season we get the most opportunity to interact with Nature, because the days are so long, and therefore improve mood and happiness. As much time as can be spent outdoors will be time well spent.

The artist Turner who painted the work above (William Turner - Light and Colour (Goethe's Theory) - The Morning after the Deluge - Moses Writing the Book of Genesis. 1843. Oil on canvas. Tate Gallery, London, UK) once famously tied himself to the mast of a ship so he could experience the storm around him with completely open eyes and note all the colors and lights and darks that were being unforgettably imprinted on him.

That kind of raw experience of Nature is strenuous but uplifts and connects us to the world we live in.

Copyright 2006, Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved


piika said...

I like your blog - thank you for stopping by mine.

Kala said...

HI there Luccia - that was a very informative post - I can only imagine how wonderful your hair smells just reading the treatment for your hair - I use a cheapo Pantene line of hair products that sometimes dry my long hair - I am going to try this new thing called Epoch I got from the Olympic Training Center in Colorado when I was there for a coaches meeting last fall. It has Ava Puhi Moni.

ate cha said...

Im having hair problem too! Its not only rainy and humid here but very windy too. I cant let my hair down coz it would just get tangled and be very messy. For my once in a while deep haor conditioning I use the type wchich has coconut oil. Is it effective??

Lucy said...

Yes, coconut oil is wonderful for hair!