July 21, 2006


Mermaid by John William Waterhouse, 1910.
I always wanted to be a mermaid.

One of the best things about summer is the beach, and getting into the ocean.

The ocean water filled with salts, seaweed and other substances. On the shore where it has the back and forth soothing motion of the waves, it does wonders for the psyche and the skin, toning and refreshing the entire body like almost nothing else can.

Some of these benefits can be accessed with a seaweed bath. Many products are available that will give you the right seaweeds put together in the right proportions. Or can gather your own seaweed (from the water, not the shore). Keep it wet and bring it home and put it into hot bathwater. It will turn bright green and the water a clear brown tint as it releases its minerals and vitamins into the water. (more details here).

Essential oil can be added.

Usually about 45 minutes to soak will allow the iodine and potassium to accomplish the immediate improvement of skin tone, circulation and texture.

There is also a lot of Vitamin K which is good for skin repair, especially broken capillaries and bruises. A light gel is formed that floats on the water, when that disappears, you know you have been in long enough to absorb the minerals and vitamins into your skin. Seaweed baths do not dry the skin as long bathing otherwise does.

One of the benefits of doing this yourself is that you can avoid the potential overexposure to burning sun on at the beach, and do it anytime you wish, in whatever season.

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Anonymous said...


I love this blog. This particular item is very interesting.

Tom Clohessy said...

Very interesting. Also, reminds me that seaweed was used to line pots when food was cooked in the orient to enhance flavor - monosodium glutamte in its original, unrefined form, i think.
Great pictures on all the articles!

Warrior said...

Thanks for the mention ;-) if you haven't already tried it.... a seaweed bath can be both meditive and very sensual at the same time. Bring a friend with you and exfoliate one another by gently rubbing the weed into the skin. It's also a fantastic cure for a hangover. :-)