July 13, 2006


At this time roses are the fragrance and the flower that move me the most. They are comforting and yet the depth and power of the many different fragrances they yield are primal in their energy and strength, which is accomplished through softness like a chiaroscuro shading from dark to bright.

Now is the optimal season to experience their fragrance in person. Our local Botanic Garden in Brooklyn has a famous rose garden, a few enclosed acres of roses in all their styles: climbing, tea bushes, miniature, old fashioned strongly scented ones, and their more modern hybrids and descendants, in every color and type of scent.

They are so well cared for you can just show up, simply experience without labor their full and varied bloom at any time during the season, while they go about their own business, exuding their own fantastic scents.

Having to bend closely to the beautiful flower to experience the smell adds so much to the experience because then you become immersed in the color and texture. At the moment I am taking a Rose Petal Elixir which helps to ease and balance the heart's and mind's emotions.

There are many many perfumes and fragrances that have rose as one of the dominant notes, and I recommend highly that everyone get themselves at least a couple to have on hand for both the pleasures and emergencies of the heart. I think it is also valuable to obtain a few pure rose essences and absolutes to have on hand the experience of unadulterated rose.

It is one of the most expensive fragrant substances, reflecting its value and the immense labor and material necessary to achieve even a small volume from the natural plants. So it is to be used with mindfulness and reverence as well, as one of most precious substances we can own or share.

(The bees like to share these flowers, as above: Roses and Bumblebees, 1904, watercolor, Irvine Museum, Irvine, CA Paul Longpré).

Here is a site for visual rose gathering.

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midnitebara said...

I've just seen from the news this morning that there is a new chewing gum out on the stores that contains rose.....I dont know the exact word,sorry!

Its primarily for men to avoid bad odor this hot sweaty summer. Instead of yucky sweat odor, the pleasant aroma of the rose will ooze out from their body!!

Lucy said...

I woould like to try it myself, midnitebara...

Anya said...

Rose is the ultimate comfort scent for women, much prized in aromatherapy, as you well know, Luccia ;-) Besides the emotional support it gives, there is nothing more wonderful for the skin than rose, especially dry skin. Referring back to your recent post on the need to pamper oneself via ritual cleansing, buffing and such, when you use rose in the rituals, you KNOW you're treating yourself. Sure, lavender is nice, but rose resonates deeply within like no other.

There are so many Middle Eastern goodies that contain rose, like jam, puddings, candies, etc. that all the senses can be treated at once for a lovely rose overload. Then a nap, lol.

edwin s said...

As a tea, it's the best thing. Tiny buds...the aroma is...I can't even find the words to describe it. It helps settle a frantic mind.

Lucy said...

I am completely in a rose mood these days...

IamgonebutIllbeback said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photo and such lovely, evocative writing. Your blog is such a pleasure.

Well my fellow Leo, it seems our friends at the natural perfumery group did not see the tongue-in-cheek humor about my blog post on being an organic perfumer.

Apparently, it set off a firestorm with lots of misinformation, etc. etc. Whew! So, anyhoo, since my efforts at peacemaking will probably fail, and since I am persona non grata, and since may want to join that group in the future as I advised you before, you may do well to diassociate from yours truly.

So, even though you didn't ask, I went ahead and removed you from my blogroll, and I won't be offended if you do the same.

I still think your blog is lovely, and if you don't mind I'll stop by ever so often.


Lucy said...

Well Alexis, I have been very involved in a lot of personal business lately and have not been following all this tempest as you describe, so I don't think it really has that much directly to do with anything but itself and so I am not inclined to remove you from my link list...personally I don't think you ought to worry too much, such things die down and life goes on, and I'm sure it will all be forgotten or seem much less important in two weeks or less, especially since your post was written with almost a kind of satirical humor...and I bet attention will be drawn elsewhere by that time...relax, chamomile, rest, recuperate...