July 19, 2006


Honeycomb by George Shulkin, Wikipedia Commons
Honey applied directly to the skin, especially to the face as a mask, has effective antiseptic and softening qualities.

A direct way of connecting to this embodiment of natural and pure energy is to apply it directly to the face as a mask for 15 minutes, which you can taste as you dissolve it away in warm water.

A half cup can be added to hot bath water for silkening the body's skin.

It was heavily used in ancient times as a preservative, and often incorporated into Egyptian methods of preservation in elaborate rituals that aimed to preserve the body forever.

We all know it is good to eat and adds significant flavor.

It has a fragrance that is very specific, warm, sweet, gently musky and deep, which many have tried to emulate with combinations of other substances.

People learned how to keep bees thousands of years ago. The types of flowers the bees use to make the honey will add a subtle flavor, and there are a number of choices. In Australia  beekeepers offer honey based on different types of eucalyptus trees.

In  Lithuania, beekeeping is a very common pastime, and was practiced by most country people there. An ancient village within an old forest, now a national park, was turned into an aviculture museum, where the history, lore and the deeply spiritual symbolic meaning of honey and the process of beekeeping are studied and displayed.

Many are  rediscovering the joys of beekeeping and the uses of honey and have incorporated them into body products and perfumes.

Those of us in urban areas can easily access products made with organic honey from all over the world.

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Warrior said...

Hello you, and your nose and senses. I come from Ireland. Peaty rainy smell and live in Nice in France. Near Pegomas, perfumeries abound down here. Lot's of beautiful smelling herbs and flowers, we use a lot of lavender, citrus, bay and laurel. I am sure you would be in your element here. Great to have found your blog. It's beautiful.