July 12, 2006

Do Not Be Too Busy

It seems like we are too often too busy to take the time to take care of ourselves, and I realize that all the processes and treatments I have described are time consuming and require special materials and care to be taken, which can seem like a true obstacle.

However, if at least once a week time is set aside to perform certain basic treatments, they will repay in results starting immediately and these results will build on themselves over time.

Personally, I think the most important thing is taking a relaxing bath, after dry brush exfoliation, with essences added to inhale and soften the skin. At this same time a good conditioning treatment can be applied to the hair, a mask to the face, and special attention paid to the hands and feet.

This self care will also signal to the unconcious that care is being taken of the body, which will give a comfort to the soul, too. Then, rest and energy will be restored and enhanced, and the skin and hair will respond and show the results of the nurturing care you have taken.

An hour and a half a week will therefore add as much as exercise, study or social interaction to your general well being, at any age, in the midst of whatever is going on in your life.

Copyright 2006, Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved.


Anya said...

This ongoing ritual of maintenance is important for all the reasons you note, Luccia. The dry brush stimulates the lymphatic system, cleansing with water sprays or soaks is rehydrating and relaxing the body on many levels, the oils speak to our pleasure and healing centers of our body, and the time given to this is necessary for meditation.

Exfoliation is so ignored in our society. I believe it is more necessary to good skin than moisturizing. Otherwise, you're just spreading moisturizer over a paste of dead, dry cells that form a gummy cloak.

My hair is very dry, curly ethnic hair. However, it is in great condition because I regularly use lemon or vinegar diluted as a clarifying rinse, and then deeply condition with the usual goodies, massaging, squeezing the curls in a downward motion, sealing in water and soothing the shaft. Sometimes I use a mud masque.

You're right, it's as necessary as any other effort we make to live in this world, this busy world, and the best is when we do it to/for ourselves, not go to some salon (although that can be fun sometimes! ;-)

Lucy said...

Yes, every time you do something like this for yourself, it's a clear signal to your subconcious and everything and everyone else that you are taking good care of yourself, and that is bound to have beneficial results as well...

edwin s said...

another inspirational post luccia.

it's often said that time is against us. i used to feel that way. until the day I started my own company that is. that's when i realised that time was on my side. now, i do what i need and what i want. responsibilities and passions run hand-in-hand.

with this blog of yours, i've found another wonderful way of spending my time. body, mind and soul. very easily forgotten in the rat race. where is everyone rushing to?

Lucy said...

Sounds very intriguing, this new venture of yours, I am very curious about it ...New York is notoriously a time taker and stress inducer in many ways, so people feel those pressures strongly, even while it has its compensations and is like a whole rich and strange world unto itself. Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging commentary, it makes my day...