June 15, 2006

Waste Not Want Not

Dionysis on a Leopard rom Pella
One of my favorite uses for essential oils is to use them around the house in as many ways as I can think of.

I am conscious of the preciousness and value of these materials, and remember how it takes tremendous amounts of raw plant and wood matter and enormous labor to create tiny amounts of these botanical essences.

They are materials to be treated with reverence and used mindfully.

In experimenting, there are times when you find that your mixes or blends have not resulted in exactly what you were aiming for, but the results need and ought not go to waste.

They can be used as additives to cleaning products or even to just a water sprayer, to beautify the practice of your chores.

In ancient times, people would wash their mosaic walls and floors with scented water to prepare for a party (the illustration is of a Macedonian mosaic from Pella: Dionysus on a Leopard).

You can add a few drops to rinse water (essence of black spruce gives a whole new dimension to the idea of a pine smell) or one to three drops of lavender, lemon or blood orange to the rinse water for hand washing clothing or linens.

You can add a drop to a bookmark to scent your books, or a few drops on a paper towel in a kitchen cupboard to render it aromatic.

More luxurious uses, such as a drop of jasmine or sandalwood to your pillowcase at night will deepen your rest, or even a drop or two on your hairbrush.

You can add some to hot or cold water for compresses to relieve headaches or sprains.

Lemon, peppermint and lavender work well cold, and rosemary, jasmine, chamomile and ginger work well warm or hot.

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bob said...

Lovely picture and useful information

Kala said...

its no wonder that a small bottle of these essential oils can be quite costly - I did not realize so much plants are requiredfor such a small amount - the concentrations of these oils also allows us to use them sparingly while enjoying their amazing fragrances