June 23, 2006

Summer Bath

It was not until 1851 that a bathtub was installed in the White House. This is enough to make me appreciate what I have as a modern person, and often too busy to use.

Everybody loves a luxurious bathroom, but people too often feel too busy to be in them for very long, because baths are seen as taking too much time and effort.

But once in a while,  or even once a week, with the right attitude, it does tremendous good for the body and soul (Moses realized that full body bathing was so important in this way as to write it into Mosaic law - the mikvah) to soak in a bath, especially laced with essences.

Lavender, chamomile, neroli, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang  are soothe and calm. Geranium, bergamot, jasmine, lemongrass, mint, rosemary are invigorating, energizing and clearing for the mind and skin.

In the summer it would probably be best to combat the humidity with use of the invigorating essences, and to follow with a cool shower to close the pores.

The main reason that this self treatment works is because it requires you to care for yourself in a very direct way. Your body soul and mind understand that you are taking care of yourself.

(above, Renoir, "After the Bath")

Copyright 2006, Lucy Raubertas All Rights Reserved


midnitebara said...

Hi! Nice blog. I think I will be visiting as often as I can, although Im not an expert in scents. Would love to learn ! I agree with the long leisurely bath. I have a hot bath daily during winter, to warm my body. I might say my bath is boring, no oil or any essence just plain 40 degrees water. I would not survive winter without it. A fast shower then 10 minutes ( about ) inside the tub. I would love to stay longer but our bathtub is very small, we cant stretch our legs. Its common in apartments here in Japan. I dream of having a tub where I can stretch and maybe light aromatic candles on the side. haah, I hope it happens soon.

midnitebara said...

oh by the way, I hope you dont mind but I've added you on my links..at my other blog!

Lucy said...

That's great! I am still in the process of setting up my links but will be getting that organized soon, and I will be linking to you...Thanks for the encouragement...

Kala said...

ahh even without reading the post Renoir immediately came to mind - he has such a distinctive style and such a great skill for capturing the beautiful shapes of a human body. - love ur posts!

Edwin Sumun said...

oh luccia... you reminded me how I've neglegted my bathtub. Why? I haven't found anything to use. I love sitting in a tub of mint and lavender.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up!