June 13, 2006

Presents and Fragrance

Giving personal presents is one of the joys of relationships.

Thinking about what will please a particular person, especially if you are intending to find or create a fragrance or personal care product for them leads you to think about all your past experiences and interactions with them.

True, it is risky to give someone a fragrance they have not tried already, so the safest thing is to get them something they know they like already, as it is risky to give someone a new book or music. But knowing someone for awhile can give you a lot of clues and it is an appealing risk to take.

Gifts can be symbolic, for example the legend of the gifts of the Magi sending a message as to the significance and meaning of the receiver's life. This has been symbolized in many paintings of the past, as in the detail of this painting by Bosch depicts. Gold, frankincense and myrrh.

In light of all that, it could be a nice gesture to put together a package that has art, in any form, or a book about or referencing the topic at hand, with a fragrance.  These  either can all be specially made or composed by you for the person,  all referring and cross-indexing each other.  This would provide three dimensional in-the-real-world experience, combined with the thoughts and references to emotion and personal history that summarize your intention.

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