June 19, 2006

Linden Blossoms - Summer in the City

The linden trees are in bloom, exuding very strong smell of early summer.

A sweet vanilla floral, with a very melon note crossed with limes, the fragrance gets even more powerful at night when you can't help but take in great big lungfuls whenever you pass underneath one, either in the streets or in the parks. I

t is planted everywhere in Brooklyn, so we are getting a big treat right now. The essential oil form is a very moderating influence, a mid floral note that symbolizes for many innocent youthfulness and Spring, and it certainly has a very cheering note. You would be hard pressed to maintain a dour mood beneath a linden tree or inhaling its essence. In a blend it is considered one of the luxury fragrance essences, it gives a note of playfulness and cheerfulness to any blend.

One or two drops in a tablespoon of a carrier oil is sufficient, more could be irritating to sensitive people.

In tea form it is very delicate and soothing. There are many references in nineteenth century and early twentieth century literature to avenues of linden trees in Europe, so it has something of a transport-in-a-time-machine feeling when you are experiencing it, at least for me. There are still many old avenues in Europe planted with them in rows along both sides. It is the fragrance of the nostalgic past but also simultaneously imparts a very young feeling.

It has been used as a treatment for lovesickness, which is a great malady of youth, therefore a very appropriate use for such an evocative fragrance.


Sam said...

My daughter and I have a cup of linden blossom tea every night! It is very mild and has a faint, honey taste to it.

Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

I have read that it acts like a nervine, similar to chamomile, and is good for the heart and those prone to heart problems in general...I am going to start drinking it regularly in the evening too..

Lucy said...
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