June 1, 2006


There have been times for almost everyone, when you must look to the condition of your eyes and skin and general well being because you find yourself in mourning for the loss of an important part of your life.

After all the upset, sometimes it feels like the skin around your eyes and the face have been damaged, but, as we all know eventually it will heal.

To help it along, I pass on the advice of my mother, who recommended never to fall asleep with tears on your face or skin -- cooling plain water will do much to reduce swelling and cleanse away the toxins of stress that have been released by tears.

Cucumber gel preparations have an astringent and soothing quality that reduces swelling and redness. A bit of an extra dose of vitamins, taking care of your needs for rest, and an occasional sniff at a rose base perfume can have a healing and calming quality, as well as chamomile tea and valerian herbal preparations to help induce restful sleep.

A drop of lavender on a hankerchief you can bring with you in your bag helps during the day. These are all very small things, but they are kind gestures you make to yourself, and your mind and body understand and appreciate these efforts you make on your own behalf.

There are many phases to pass through in working through loss and grief, some more difficult than others (see St. George Struggling with the Dragon, by Raphael, above) but there are a few things that if you can remember to do them for yourself or for others when necessary make all the difference in the world.

above image, Raphael - St. Michael Slaying the Dragon

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