June 6, 2006

Indieperfumes Everywhere

Mandy Aftel has been  influential in this country in reviving the interest in this area, inspiring many to try their hands and sensibilities at creating their own aromatic blends.

I expect this trend to expand further, as local perfumers develop their own custom markets over time, and also the development of each perfumer's character and style will draw fans to them, as it does in  other areas for the decorative arts, such as fashion or cuisine or interior design or music.

 It's an area ripe for development and certainly lends itself to individuality.

It feels like the beginning of a renaissance of perfume making and all the related fields, as it grows into a true art form.

The materials combine and work together in an individual way, according to proportion, sequence, combination and strength.

Like wine, aromatic materials differ, similarly to vintages; some essences are not exactly the same over time, and in experimenting with them you will not use them the same way, either. There are certain classic combinations and fragrance types, but in the way dancers interpret the work of a famous choreographer, or a violinist interprets the work of a composer, the interpretations by individual perfumers vary and expand the form considerably.

It's interesting to discover the natural perfumers making original works themselves, and I expect much more to come.  It's a pleasure to find and experience all the sensual affinities to the natural world out there through the medium of perfume. There are so many forums and Facebook groups and perfume blogs creating a general movement of people sharing information and excitement about perfumes. 

The image above shows perfume bottles, II-III century B.C., from Carthage, in the Barcelona Perfume Museum.

Copyright 2006, Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved.


bob said...

Lovely bottles

Rajesh Dangi said...

wow, good photo and great article...