June 21, 2006

Fragrant Lands

Black Lemur - Madagascar
As armchair travellers, we can imagine the experience of various far away famously fragrant lands, and their scented air -- and perhaps be lucky enough to go one day, too.

Madagascar, especially Nosey Be, which is populated with lemurs who snack on flowers and where the air is fragrant with ylang ylang, jasmine, cinnamon and other scents from the masses of orchids and other flowers, can be discerned from as far as a mile out to sea, for one.

The islands near Madagascar, and India, Reunion and the Comoros Islands,  have many inactive volcanic craters filled with rare orchids that give a particularly strong vanilla scent which fragrance the throughout the island.

Certain islands of Greece, such as Chios, whose name means fragrant land, has summer air scented with jasmine and many other aromatic herbs.

  Provence, land of lavender and roses, which has a strong scent emanating from the flower fields grown for perfume around Grasse, along with the pine and strong scented olive trees.

A refreshing and stress reducing mental vacation.

Copyright 2006, Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved.
Above image from the BBC Nature site.


Jenny said...

This is a lovely website and a lovely idea! I've never been a perfume-wearer (except for a period in high school when I wore Tea Rose all the time!) - since then I've never found one that felt like "Me!" But it's never too late!

Manuel Tendero Gil said...

un 10 a esta foto me encanta

Dr Erica said...

Fragrant lands provides a scentsational experience of travel. I always thought the adventure of travel was about meeting people, seeing sights, hearing languages, and tasting foods from different cultures. I never realized that the adventure of travel also affects our most powerful sense, the one that provides the deepest and most long lasting memories - the sense of smell.

bob said...

THat's a great picture - so expressive

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
This is beautiful. Keep it up!
Love, Chris