June 17, 2006

Eucalyptus - Breath and the Soul

The Egyptians believed, I have read, that you reach the soul through the nose, and since that is the way breath enters the body and keeps it alive, both body and spirit together, I think they were right.

Yoga and meditation also teach deep emphasis and concentration on the breath, as a way to place yourself in the present moment and calm the mind.

In ancient times fragrances and perfumes in the form of incense were used as vehicles of worship, honoring the spiritual as offerings.

When I find my breath interfered with, with blocked sinuses or coughing, I try the essential oil of eucalyptus.

A couple of drops of eucalyptus essential oil in the palms of the hands and rubbing them together quickly, to warm by friction, and cupping the hands over the face and breathing deeply gives a full experience of the soothing effects of the essence.

When you think how many trees it takes to create one pound of this essence, the level of concentration and power of the distillation is understood and  impressive.

Direct inhalation is a simple but effective and instant method to use with many of the essences, such as lavender for calming, bergamot or lemon thyme for stimulation (like coffee) or jasmine for relaxation and pleasure.

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Image above a botanical illustration - anonymous.  If you have further information for credit please advise.


Andrea said...

I truly enjoy reading your posts, their so interesting...I'm sending your link to my sister in law who is a hairdresser in California and works only with natural products..I'm sure she will also enjoy your blog. Have a lovely week end.

Lucy said...

That would be great, I think Californians are very receptive to this kind of thing...I plan to link to other good natural fragrance and other sites in the near future, there is so much good stuff out there these days...

Kala said...

beautiful image to go with the wonderful posts on breathing and smells. I completely agree and it reminds me to pick some up - its amazing how the simple act of smelling the fragrance of a flower livens the senses and makes one smile from cheek to cheek. =)