June 26, 2006

Beautiful Eyes

Helichrysum is an essence that is helpful for clearing up dark circles that may appear below the eyes because of fatigue or thin skin. It has also been used to improve circulation, reduce and fade bruises burns and scars. It is a general anti-wrinkle remedy and also a fine middle note for perfume with a sweet hay-like smell.

Geranium Bourbon is also a floral middle note, with anti inflammatory properties used for balancing of hormones for menopause and adrenal related stress reactions.

A couple of drops within a tablespoon of almond or jojoba oil applied to the face or other areas of the body as needed before bed has had the best result for me.

With swelling or puffiness of the eyes an application of cold chamomile tea bags or sliced cucumber will have an astringent or soothing effect. The eye area is sensitive and prone to showing wear, as those older among us know well.

In the ancient times, people focused on the eyes as the most important part of the face. The Eygptians loved eye makeup which they made with minerals that cut the glare of the sun and prevented eye infections. Both men and women at minimum wore eye liner in the characteristic feline outlined style as part of their everyday routine grooming. Other makeup was used on occasion but the outline of the eyes was considered most necessary, as it was believed to have psychic and possibly spiritual meaning and protective purpose too.

I can imagine that we could adopt the practice ourselves very easily, cosmetically the outlining of the eyes has great impact on the expression and look of the face. Here is some interesting speculation on the meaning of the Horus Eye symbol (seen above) suggesting that eclipses of the sun and moon were the original inspiration.

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midnitebara said...

helichrysum, Im not even sure I pronounce this right but I think I'll look for it. I always had dark circles and eyebags. I am still looking for a remedy so thanks for sharing. Problem is ..
" whee can I find this stuff?"

Lucy said...

Eden Botanicals, I like their quality and service, put their name into Google, they sell the French kind and their site is very nice and informative -- right now the organic is pretty much out of stock. Yes, it's not something you see everywhere, that's for sure...I have read in other articles that they consider this essence to be so good they feel it is more effective than most other essences to accomplish the purpose...

midnitebara said...

thanks , Im writing this down!!