June 7, 2006

Bach Flower Remedies

Aster, one of the Flowers on the Bach Flower Remedies Site - for Balance
I found a New-Agey but nonetheless wonderful site, offering the Bach flower remedies in the form of online photos of flowers and plants and stones. They are all  believed to be specifically beneficial for certain physical maladies and for emotional healing.

The idea is that you look at the image of the flower online and let it enter your mind and work it's mysterious healing processes on your subconcious and physcial body.

A beautiful idea, to connect with Nature to heal yourself through the visual contemplation of beauty. It would make you feel as if you ingested perfume into your soul, and are experiencing it from the inside out.

I imagine this  done together with application of perfumes or essences on the body, to get a really full and total experience. I liked the Aster, because it is for balance. I imagine if you brought some real ones inside in a small vase and gazed on them (we would have to wait til the Autumn when they bloom wild everywhere along the roadsides, and even empty lots and city parks) you would get the same effect.

Intention, concentration and awareness of what you are doing seems to make the difference between a general, everyday experience and an uplifting, healing one.

Visit the site and click on the name of the flower, it will bring you to the image and explanation of its special power.

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Image above from the Bach Flower Remedies online site for self healing.

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Edwin Sumun said...

hello luccia, thanks for dropping by Kuala Lumpur DP again.

I've been exploring indieperfumes and thoroughly enjoy your writing and insights. I do agree. Nature has healing properties unrivalled by anything man-made. Living in the city, it's hard to find a field to frolic in. The closest I have is to take a 3 hour drive to the nearest beach and watch the waves roll and rush to shore. Sometimes that's enough.