May 24, 2006

Springtime Scents

Spring is the right time to be as much out of doors as possible to smell things that are reawakened by the warmth of the season.

This is the time that the first cut of grass happens, and we are flooded with that smell of new mown hay (I have read that it is one of the most beloved smells of all).

Rain enhances fragrance, especially the soft open earth, recently dug for planting, which is so rich in its suggestions and deep in its pull.

The first roses have just come out, and in the morning and evening you can get a blast of the scent of the dark red ones and the tea roses.

Also people's hair, no matter how freshly washed, has a scent in the warm sun that reveals the person's own individuality. In the open air, people having good coffee and even some tobacco adds dimension and memory to our experience of the day.

This morning someone sat next to me on the train and the combination of a coconut smell from probably a body lotion, the sweet pastry they were eating and the coffee they were drinking, as well as the freshly ironed cotton clothes they were wearing combined into a light but distinctive perfume that I wish I could reproduce for public consumption.

These reality check smells bring it all together and reinforce my sensibility and enjoyment of the season.

2006 Copyright Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved.
Above Pre Raphaelite painting by Rosetti

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Kala said...

I love ur photos - especially this one since its very beautiful and artsy - smells of a new day is very pleasureable.