May 13, 2006


Sun on skin has a very bad reputation, but in strict moderation it can be very beneficial.

Since we live in the world, we will be exposed to the sun, and a good thing, too. The psychological sense of intense well-being many people feel while sunbathing is well known, and nearly universal.

Now it is also known that the people with most exposure to the sun, farmers, are the most long lived in the U.S.

Exposure to the sun releases certain "happiness" hormones that are stress relieving and therefore have a general good effect. The skin of many people, though not those with typically red or reddish blonde hair, actually does seem to look more healthy if exposed to the sun without burning.

Sunbathing in combination with exposure to the minerals in the seawater and massaging effect of the ocean waves, would be good for the circulation and also has a chemically balancing effect, particularly for women. 

The experience is usually one that leaves a sense of connection and comfort with the natural world that is restorative in many ways. Vitamin E and aloe and evening primrose oil for those over 40, to moisturize and protect from drying are helpful.

Here is a site with much information about sunbathing that may prove very useful in the months to come.

Above image, Friese - Nude Sunbathing

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