May 13, 2006

Indie Perfumes - The Tempest

I've noticed that main stream, mass produced perfumes rarely deliver the direct connection to nature and mood I am looking for in fragrance.

I am looking for the primal scents that charge and lift or change your day.

People making their own perfumes, and small independent companies that create scents individually are providing more customized, and for me (and many others) more evocative experiences.

If I could have a bespoke personal perfume, I imagine one that  translates the experience of this coming storm - the ions charged, the milky clean baby flesh, the waterside plants and fine moss, the damp stone, in light and shadow, that mysterious blue green that gives us connection to both darkening sky and flowing water under the bridge, the quiet gazes...the protection and the implied danger of the storm and the weapon, man woman and child,  and the dynamic between them all, sexuality and its results, all in their full transitory beauty.

Perfume is the essence of transitory beauty.

In the meantime I will work with what I have.  A simple thing but very effective, is putting a few drops of perfume or essence in the palms of your hands, rubbing them together, and then cupping your hands over your face to breathe deeply a few times.

Above image, The Tempest, by Giorgione

Copyright 2006, Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved

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