May 13, 2006

Blue Green

On the subject of blue-green: obviously many people have found that colors themselves are evocative to the other senses, such as smell.

 I think in nature the richest colors occur always with a bright highlight near them, such as the yellow here enhancing the blue and green.

In perfume, if one wanted to create a deep blue scent, I think one would start with the mosses or some other similar deep note and bring up the tang with something bright, like bergamot or verbena.

We know that base notes or a background setting of a general medium tone brings out the iridescence of the intense notes in both color and in scent.

I also often enjoy, and I think this has become a practice that many try, to combine different scents on different parts of the body to form a whole in keeping with one's intentions and mood that day.

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Anonymous said...

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Manuel Tendero Gil said...

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