May 13, 2006

The Scented Bath

The warm seasons have come, and it feels like a good time to honor the tradition of cleaning and clearing. This tradition can be applied to the self, emotionally and for the body.

A very hot bath with certain essential oils added and a long soak in the evening deeply inhaling fragrant steam is refreshing and revitalizing.

I have made a concoction for myself which isorganic, based in a jojoba oil carrier, that contains clary sage, frankincense and a few other herbal elements that I have added over the course of the past few months according to mood and need.

It is fun to research the elements that are therapeutic for my particular type of skin, in addition to having long acknowledged antiseptic and cleansing properties.

I also like a handful of Dead Sea Mineral Salts, for the conditioning and relaxing properties they add.

After a cool shower to de-stress from the heat of the city in the hottest months of the year, it is beneficial to use this oil after washing to seal in the moisture and calm whatever irritation may arise from exfoliation.

After toweling off the very slightest film remains and feels very comforting and moisturizing. There is a mild scent that clings to the towels but it washes out perfectly well.

 For myself, I have found that when using these hand made mixtures,  I end up feeling much better than I expect after a long night or a lot of stress.

Above image, The Bath, by Bonnard

Copyright 2006, Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved

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